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My review of 2021

It's fair to say after 2020 we all thought 2021 would see things get back to wrong we were. Looking back at my review of last year it was full of hope of travelling and gigs I'd be going to, and althought that's happened in a way, a lot has been cancelled and my travel experience was to Scotland... definitely not what I had in mind.


I don't think anyone was surprised that following the Christmas restrictions we all went back in lockdown, I just didn't think it would last as long as it did - with final restrictions being lifted by mid-July after lots of delays and rule changes.

I have to say though, I feel incredibly lucky that I ended up in the houseshare I did. Lockdown was as good as it could have been because I've got two other girls in the house that I've formed a proper friendship with (one of them is coming to mine for Christmas). All three of us were working from home, spending the evenings together watching tele, going on walks, and then getting through the Marvel movies at the weekends. If I'd been in a houseshare where everyone stays in their rooms I think I would have been VERY lonely. Instead, I had a good routine and we actually looked forward to the weekends because it was a treat - takeaway and Marvel. It was only small, but those little things definitely meant we made the best out of a bad situation.

Music and travel

Gigs and festivals were postponed and cancelled, but I did manage to go to All Points East in London for a day which was EPIC. London Grammar were headlining and I've been a fan of them since they brought out their first album in 2013 so to finally be able to see them was amazing. Just being back in a crowd again was incredible to be honest. Everyone was just so happy to be out and about again seeing live music so there was a real buzz to the place.

Dermot Kennedy's gig finally went ahead too (first planned for April 2020) and WOW. The venue was only small so to be that close was amazing. He was insanely good and I really want to see him again. His support act was Lola Young, the voice of the John Lewis Christmas advert and shortlisted for the BRITs Rising Star award. I highly recommend keeping an eye on her - she's got a bright future.

I may not have been able to do a tour abroad, but my week in Scotland was surprisingly great! Read more about that here.


The highlight of the year has to be the marathon. It was such a long training process and to complete that without any serious injuries, without hitting 'the wall' and getting a time I was happy with (despite having a cold) means I'm so proud I've ticked that off my bucket list. I still can't really believe I did it. So many people have asked me if I'd do another one and although it was one of the best days of my life, I want to be able to walk when I'm 50 and more marathons will just ruin my knees so from now on I'll do up to 10k and that's enough for me.

After the marathon I told myself I was going to get back into netball. Although I did go to a training session, I quickly realised I'd be spreading myself too thin. What with dance and making full use of my gym membership (which includes classes, swimming, as well as use of the gym facilities) I just wouldn't be able to do it all without burning out. So after thinking about it, I realised something had to go, and in this case it was netball. I love dance too much to drop that, and the gym offers a lot of variety, so that left netball. Younger India would have done all three and struggled on, but with work and everything it just seems too much - there's not enough days in the week!


Work was 95% from home this year which I like to be honest. I only work in a small team anyway so I don't really feel like I'm missing out on that social element of a bigger office. I have more time in my day by not having to get to and from the office, and I can listen to the radio without wondering if I'm pissing anyone off.

I'm definitely learning my trade in the best place because I'm doing the job of a senior reporter. From the odd trainee I've spoken to that's at one of the nationals (which I was of course jealous of at first) they've told me it's a lot of simple tasks and they feel like a trainee so at least I know here I'm learning everything I can from this job because there's not enough reporters to give me the crap jobs - I have to do it all! Moving forward I'm

doing my senior exams in July, results in August, and then (if I've passed) who knows?! The world is my oyster!


We all thought Christmas would be back to normal this year after it was robbed from us last year, but nope...not to be.

Everything was fine until the second week of December. The Omicron varient was creeping into the news and by December 13th it was spreading VERY quickly. In the three weekends leading up to Christmas I was set to be in London to see friends. I got to do the first two weekends but sadly the final one (and the most expensive, non-refundable one) had to be cancelled. From December 13th the stress of how quick it was spreading just grew and grew and all of a sudden it became an adrenaline sport just trying to avoid covid for the 10 days leading up to Chirstmas so that I could actually go home. I cancelled all social plans from the 13th so I was just working, gymming, and the odd trip to Tesco.

I was very gutted because I love the run up to Christmas just as must as the big day (if not more) so to miss out on those exciting get-togethers was rubbish, but at the end of the day seeing my family takes priority.

As I'm writing this it's the weekend I should have been in London and I'm going home after an early shift on Wednesday, working remotely until Christmas Eve lunch, and then returning on the 28th so I've got a few days to enjoy with family. Just praying I don't catch covid until then...


Next year's aims echo last year's which I wrote thinking 2021 would be back to normal. I want to travel (further than Scotland) and see more live music. I've got a few gigs booked but that's it so far. I'm just keeping everything crossed so I can start to make travel plans but I'll definitely be booking things that can be refunded (I've learnt that the hard way with the weekend in London I should be on now).

I don't want to say much more because right now everything feels a bit bleak, but the focus is travel and becoming a senior reporter - who knows what else is in store!


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