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My experience of a tarot card reading

Don't role your eyes yet, I was sceptical too.

I'd never really thought anything of tarot card readings before, I'm not into fortune tellers or even horoscpes to be honest. However, a few months back I watched this vlog by Naomi Smart and I was very intrigued. (If you want to watch it, the relevant section is from minute 21.)

She said how she has a traditon with her friends to go to this tarot card reader in Brighton once a year. Naomi said, "They're always so accurate."

I still wasn't convinced at this point, but then she went on to explain what she'd been told and I suddenly thought it would be interesting to go along.

I booked in for a 30-minute session and had NO IDEA what to expect.

On the website the session is described as the following:

Having a tarot consultation/reading can assist the client to gain meaningful insights and deeper understandings into specific situations. It is a window through which we can discover and explore more about ourselves and work on balance and harmony in all areas of our lives and work.

A tarot reading can encourage clients to build confidence in making quality life decisions and find inner wisdom from past, present and future situations and challenges they may have faced or are facing.

The session starts by the reader letting you pick 10 cards out of their pack, and then what follows is discussions around what cards have come up for you. I got a bit lost with the card situation because she also used others from her pack of about 100, not just the 10 I picked, but she definitely had a system.

I'm not going to go into what she told me because that's very personal, but it was scary how accurate she was. Don't get me wrong she's not going to tell you what's going to happen on certain dates, but she was telling me things about my past that were impacting me now and I just don't know how else she'd know those things.

I didn't tell her anything or give her clues before or throughout. She knew my first name and that was all.

It didn't feel hippy-dippy either. It was a bit like a therapy session if anything. She'd lay out a card (she had a certain order of doing all this) and then discusss what that meant and then relate it to me.

At times she was saying things that made me want to cry which is why I'd compare it to therapy. She was telling me issues I'd buried and ignored, and sometimes that's hard to hear - especially from a stranger.

My friend also went and she found it a very positive experience too. She said, "I found it incredibly interesting. Not 'airy fairy'. I'd highly recommend it and would go in with an open mind. I found it empowering in a way! It all felt very genuine. Plus the reader was very personable."

We're definitely going to make a tradition of this, going back every Janaury to see what the year looks like for us. I would highly recommend trying it yourself.

If you're interested, we went to Two Feathers in Brighton.


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