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Letter to my 10-year-old self

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Okay so this is another piece on this blog that isn't really for anyone else other than myself. I've never been a diary-writer, every year I'd get a brand new one and aim to write in it every day, but every year I'd get to the middle of January (at a push) and stop. Fast forward to my 23rd year and I've got no diaries whatsoever.

However, this blog serves as a bit of a diary sometimes, and I'm not expecting anyone to read certain pieces like this, but this is more for me to look back on in the future - my own online diary.

So...selfish post disclosure done, let's get on with this piece.

I listen to Radio 1 all day when I'm at work so when I heard this feature on Scott Mills and Chris Stark's show, I thought I'd give it a go! People write a letter to their 10-year-old self (right: me at 11, so close enough) and read it out on the radio for others to react to.

Here goes...

Hi 10-year-old India,

Right now you're about to go through the transition between primary and secondary school and it's going to be a big change for you. You'll be going from a school of 60 people where you're the top of the tree, to more like 1,000 - get ready to be a very little fish in a big pond.

This move means you'll also start to feel pressures to wear makeup and you'll start caring about what you look like because the teenage years are a big deal.

You're going to struggle with your weight and get called lots of things but just know that you'll grow into yourself and fill out around the age of 15 once you start going to the gym. That's right, you'll love the gym and you'll keep dancing too.

Right now you're aiming to be a ballerina...that won't work out though. You'll head to Move It one year and realise that you're too tall and also not really good enough. Plus it's not really the lifestyle for you. You're an over-planner and big control freak so a job that works off constant auditions and lacks security really isn't for you.

What you will work out pretty soon though is that your favourite subject, English, is worth persuing. You're going to end up working as a journalist and you'll love it. It will be hard work to get there and nearly a year of studying alone from home whilst juggling a job too, but the end result will be so worth it.

One thing though...that end result is very far from home. It doesn't matter though because you'll get a job in the middle of a global pandemic, you live by the sea, and visit home when you can, so all things considered - you're doing alright.

I have to mention it...pandemic. From 2020 the world is going to go through a massive gear shift called Covid-19. Shops will shut, you have to stay home, and basically EVERYTHING is disrupted. Power through though, and support the people around you because although you find it all not too bad, others will struggle and you need to realise that. Keep in touch with friends and family and just keep remembering that every day you get through means you're closer to the end.

You probably think your brothers are really annoying right now too...Chewy is eight and James is only four, so the age gaps feel pretty big at the moment, but things will change as you grow up. You'll get much closer as you all get older and (SHOCK HORROR) you'll actually really get on with them.

You'll meet a few lifelong friends at school and uni (plus a few not so lifelong) and there will be a couple of friends that actually didn't have a good impact on you. It seemed alright at the time, but you'll soon realise that you'll grow so much more if you take certain people out of your life. Through school you won't see it, but sixth form and beyond you will start to grow in confidence and become the person you are meant to be.

Oh and one last thing before I sign off, that aim you have of being a proper adult by 27? That's not realistic. Don't rush into settling down and having kids because you have plenty of time for that. Enjoy your 20s and progress in your career because those are the years to be selfish and focus on yourself.

That's all for now. Look after yourself and remember that hard work pays off.

Yours sincerely,

23-year-old India


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