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Friends Reunion review: I'll admit it... I cried

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I am a HUGE Friends fan. It was always on growing up and I can confidently say I've probably seen each episode more than 10 times. I'm that annoying person that will say the line before it's said (sorry to anyone who watches it with me). It is my comfort show. I know that even though I've seen it all before, I will always laugh.

When they announced they were doing a reunion I didn't get too hyped. Loads of people seem to have got the wrong end of the stick for a long time and thought there was going to be another episode, picking up with the characters 17 years on from the moment they all walked out that door for the last time. I knew it was just going to be glorified interview so didn't give it too much thought.

When it finally did come out though, I was there watching and I'll admit it...I cried.

Seeing them all walk in and see the set meant gave me goosebumps from the moment it started. I was surprised I had this reaction because it's just a TV show, nevertheless - I was that person.

I've seen a lot of bloopers, and thought I already knew a lot of the behind the scenes facts, but there was lots in there that I had no idea about. I enjoyed seeing the creators discussing the casting process, and the way the interview was edited together with the other segments meant the show flowed really well without making it feel like they were dragging it out.

This isn't to say there were a few bits I felt were filling time. Some of the clips of fans talking were a bit... meh. Although I appreciate it showed how big the show is around the world, watching people recreate certain scenes was just a bit boring. Do I need to know random celebs see themselves as Monica? No. The other filler for me was the fashion show with the random celebs popping up. Justin Bieber dancing down the catwalk in the potato suit was just a bit boring.

Members of the cast popped up that haven't really done anything in TV since, and a lot of these mini interviews never really said anything of any interest. One previous cast member I was buzzing to see was Paul Rudd, and that never happened! Instead we got characters we'd forgotten all about (and apparently the rest of the cast forgot too, like Mr Heckles).

I wasn't the biggest fan of James Corden on this either. The interview rarely got to anything interesting. He was more like a loud excited fan rather than an actual interviewer. When he asked 'Who had the loudest laugh?' I questioned who had prepped the interview. Really?! 17 years they're never in the same place, you get them together for an interview, and THAT'S what you ask them?!

What really came across was how much they are like their characters, to an extent. I don't know whether it was because they all slot into place when they're together again, but I definitely saw their characters in all of them. Matt LeBlanc coming in larger than life was exactly how I'd expect Joey to look now.

The relationship between them really shows though too. You can tell the girls see each other more than the boys, but when they're back as a six their bond is clear. It comes across as such an authentic relationship which meant that at the beginning when they were wondering around the studio, it felt like we were a fly on the wall and they'd forgotten all about us. Whether they've gone on to become a huge Hollywood star or not, they're all on the same page again when back on that sofa.

Everyone seems to be talking about Matthew Perry, who suffered with addiction on and off throughout the show. Some of his words were slurred (this was said to be due to dental surgery) and he also revealed how anxious he'd get about getting a laugh during the show. I think you can tell he's been troubled, but I think it's unfair some people said he brought the mood down. Although he didn't speak too much, I think when he did, he was funny and quite Chandler-like.

My mind-blown moment was when it was revealed Jennifer and David had a crush on each other for the first few seasons. To think there was feeling behind those kisses! In the longterm though it was probably best they didn't get together. Chances are it wouldn't have lasted, and the show wouldn't have gone on for as long as it did. Great gossip though, was not expecting that to come out!

Overall I'd say it was a success. I wouldn't watch it again, but I really liked it. That's that now though. Leave it alone.

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