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First vs Second year

Updated: Jul 15

I’m now half way through my second year of uni, which means I’m half way through uni as a whole…a thought that terrifies me to my very core. It seems like two minutes ago that my mum was excessively fussing with my bed throw trying to put off the imminent goodbye that was about to happen. However the goodbyes have got easier, and being away from home doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. My independence is something I’ve loved since day one of uni, but whilst that feeling has remained the same, some things have changed between the two years.

Work load…

Whilst the step up from GCSE to A level was expected, the change between first and second year was something no one warned me about. Yes the work properly counts now, but the work is harder now too. Keep on top of it, because that is ultimately why we’re here. Organise yourself so that you can fit everything in, because although the work changes, your ‘fun side’ to uni life doesn’t need to disappear.

Nights out…

You know how it works now, expectations as a brand new fresher have definitely been destroyed. Whereas twice a week was pretty normal last year, one night per week at the O2 is definitely enough for me now. If that second night out for the week occurs, you know it’s a wild one all round.

No more bus rides…

Some people hated them, some people loved them, but the 20 minute bus ride into campus was something that happened at least twice a day last year. The painful moment of paying for the year long pass is something you don’t have to go through in second year. Living close by and controlling your own house, is the biggest physical change that happens. You’re living with people you like (hopefully, unless you made a big mistake) and generally you have more of a home rather than a room in halls. Don’t get me wrong, I loved halls last year, but there is something very comfortable about living in Clarendon Park. One thing though, you’re much closer to shops and takeaways…so there are some dangers to it too.


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