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Countdown to reality

Updated: Jul 15

It only seems two minutes since I waved goodbye to my parents and started university. A lot has happened since then, but now as we get to December of second year it is dawning on me that I’m about half way through my degree, which means that real life is getting closer and closer as I type these very words. I don’t know why I’m surprised though, the weeks seem to pass by so fast and before you know it is another night at LetsDisko! (the cheesy social night night at our students union every Wednesday)

My point is that uni will fly by and reality hits (for most people, for some, a gap year comes so they can put off real life for a little bit longer). I am lucky enough to know what I want to do after uni, and I’ve had that plan for a number of years now, but a lot don’t, which is fine too. What I should stress is that our uni has a really good careers service, and you should really use it.

Uni is great, but it doesn’t last forever, and I feel like too many young people go with the ‘head in the stand’ approach and avoid any conversation regarding what is to come after the student lifestyle. The sooner you work out what you want to do, the sooner you can focus your efforts on not only completing your degree to the best of your ability, but organising what is going to happen after. So when second year does come and things start to count (and life generally starts to become more serious) start researching and planning for things other than your degree.

I hit this wall a few weeks ago. I started to stress because I worked out that journalism internships aren’t really something advertised…anywhere. A couple of meetings with the careers service has sorted me out though; causing me to sort out my CV, networking with valuable people, and overall giving me a clearer idea of how to get into journalism.

Whether you’ve hit that wall yet or not, it will come. I’m only a second year student, so I’m not trying to be a life coach that knows everything about everything, I’m just going off what I’ve picked up from people that seems to know everything about everything! Start off early, so that you don’t get to your graduation completely bewildered by the thought of the working world…and if you do get to that point, I hope you have enough savings for a gap year of travelling!

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