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COLUMN: A northerner's move to Eastbourne

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Here is a column I wrote for the paper that gives an insight into my new life down on the south coast.

I’m now near the end of my ninth week in Eastbourne, and I’m loving it. Well, I’m loving the job as the new reporter here at the Herald, and I’m enjoying life down here as much as I can - given the current circumstances of a second lockdown.

As someone that gets bored quickly and needs to be constantly busy - I think that’s why I wanted to become a journalist really - when I moved down here I joined the gym, a dance school, and was out and about a lot.

However, Boris announced - on my birthday of all days - that another lockdown was coming, so now I’ve turned to more seafront running and home workouts to get me through the time when I’m not working.

What I would say is that I feel incredibly lucky to have a job during this time

at all, never mind a job I really enjoy.

I recently wrote a blog piece about graduating into Covid-19, and how many people have had their plans ruined. Everyone I interviewed was feeling very flat about the situation. Job prospects were looking bad, further education courses were being cancelled, and people generally didn’t know what to do. As I wrote the piece I found myself feeling guilty because I was one of the lucky ones.

I moved from Yorkshire, meaning my family are about five hours away if I put my foot down. The prospect of moving to a new town where I knew no one was quite daunting. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about.

I’ve aimed to be a journalist since I was about 15, so I’m very relieved that it’s everything I wanted it to be because at this point I really have put all my eggs in one basket so I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t suited me.

The weekdays fly by because of the nature of the job. Every day is different with new stories constantly coming in - there’s always something to be doing.

The unexpected side to the job is that we’re currently working from home, so I’ve actually only met my colleagues a handful of times. This aspect has definitely been a learning curve as I’m on my own learning the ropes, but the power of video tutorials from the rest of the team have got me through it.

I’m excited to eventually get into an office, mainly for the human interaction and chit-chat that you miss when you’re working remotely. For now I’ll continue typing away in my bedroom along with a lot of other people up and down the country.

As I’m sure many will agree, it is having a lack of weekend plans that is difficult. We work towards the weekend, and then once we get there we can’t really do anything. I feel blessed to live near the South Downs now to explore the many walks on our doorstep. Plus, living near the sea is still a novelty for me.

Lockdown in November has definitely made me more excited for Christmas. I know it will only be small this year, but just to see my family again will be lovely.

It’s the thought of January that I’m trying to avoid, because who knows what will happen then in terms of restrictions. Until then I’ve got I’m a Celeb to fill

the evenings - I’m just worried what I’ll do when Bake Off finishes next week.

I did an interview with the University of Leicester which covers my journey from A levels to working as a trainee reporter!


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